To our Friends:


With the evolving situation around COVID-19 as well as the recent re-introduction of a level 4 Travel Advisory to Haiti; we will be following national guidelines and postponing all 2020 Medical Missions trips. While this effectively prohibits sending our volunteer teams to Verrettes in the mountains of central Haiti, it does not mean that we cannot continue to organize for the eventual return of trips, organize programs in the United States for Haitian doctors (as we have done three times previously), and prepare lecture materials for the medical school, receive appointments as associate faculty at the medical school, and raise money to help our hospital in Verrettes obtain what they can from local sources. We hope to resume our trips in the Summer of 2021, please check back frequently for the latest updates and join our waitlist by filling out our trip entry form.


In the meantime, we are in continual contact with our friends and leadership team in Haiti. Verrettes, which is where our missions take place, is still in need of help during this time. We would greatly appreciate donations at this time so that we can send funds to our local hospitals and Dr. Charlesca (Verrettes Medical Director) to purchase urgently needed medications. The monthly requirement to purchase these medications is approximately $6,325 and would assist the three hospital complex that is supported out of Verrettes, including Trois Riviere.


We appreciate all of our past volunteer's continued support of our mission, and we hope that you stay safe during this time.