Partnership with Wilderness Medical Society and Medical Student Missions

Medical Student Missions is proud to announce a partnership with the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS).

The WMS is a unique, education and research based membership organization, which exists, “to develop and promote the evolving body of knowledge in the area of Wilderness Medicine.”

Their annual conferences function to share knowledge from member lecturers across diverse fields.

According to the WMS website:

The WMS attracts individuals from around the world interested in "Combining their Profession with their Passion"™.

Consequently, the WMS is uniquely positioned to enter into symbiotic relationships with a variety of organizations. As a non-profit focused on the advancement of the science of Wilderness Medicine, we do not intend to compete against other entities focused on the delivery of specialized products or programs within any particular field. In fact, to the extent that our goals overlap with the goals of any entity involved directly or indirectly with Wilderness Medicine, we offer special recognition of Partners through our affiliation program to maximize our mutual benefit.

The program recognizes those organizations that interact regularly with the WMS in Wilderness Medical Education. This mutually-beneficial interaction is most successfully measured through delivery of Fellowship of Wilderness Medicine (FAWM) and CME credits. Consequently, WMS Affiliates are those Partners that offer activities which are eligible for FAWM credits and/or award activity participants with CME credits received from the WMS.

Our Founder and Chief Advisor, Dr. William Forgey, MD, is a past president of the WMS. Dr. Forgey has unique experience as a physician, traveller, and explorer, and lends that experience to the benefit of the people we serve as well as to the ongoing partnership between WMS and Medical Student Missions.

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