We are Braxton and Stephanie Fritz

We are Braxton and Stephanie Fritz. We have been a part of Medical Student Missions since it was first founded. We've been on multiple trips and each of these has impacted us in many ways. Besides the experiences and stories, we have been able to enjoy the biggest impact these trips has--help bring us to together because of our mutual desire to help with overseas medical missions. Our December 2010 trip together started our life long adventure in marriage.

Our passion for overseas medical missions led us both to arrive in Haiti with Medical Student Missions. Before our trips, we met a few times on campus during different events, and started spending time together. Braxton was a second year medical student, and Stephanie was third year nursing student at Indiana University Northwest at that time.

Trips of note: Braxton went on the first trip to Haiti with Medical Student Missions in which the group saw over 1,600 children during two weeks. Braxton's second trip was Stephanie's first trip in which they both helped with the cholera epidemic. This trip is where we really were able to learn more about each other and learned that we could depend on each other. The last trip we were able to attend was a trip to help set up mobile medical clinics, which has helped start the base work to reach out to other villages with medical aid.

Once Braxton finishes Family Medicine residency, we are looking to be able to lead trips and teach medical students as well as nursing students in Haiti.

Dr. Braxton Fritz

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