New Release!

Check out our Founder and Advisor, Dr. William Forgey, and his newest book: "The Prepper's Medical Handbook."

After submitting for publishing last year, Prepper's Medical Handbook released on 4 April 2020. This book is an adaptation of Wilderness Medicine 7th Ed., but designed for the urban dweller or the person worried that the medical system might collapse around them requiring them to become self-sufficient.

We hope this book will help those of you who need to care for yourselves during a situation when you have to manage many of your medical issues on your own.

Some covered topics include:

  • Medical emergencies on or off the grid

  • Operating without supplies when grid is choked or collapsed

  • Medical alternatives and herbal therapy

  • Managing bone, joint, soft tissue and other trauma

  • Pain and fever

  • Dental emergencies

  • Bioterrorism and infectious disease outbreak

  • Environmental emergencies

  • Radiation exposure

  • Poisoning

Pick up a copy today from our "recommended reading" section!

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