Please review the information and links below to learn more about traveling to Haiti.


Immunizations and Prophylaxis

Click on the link above to learn about immunizations and prophylaxis needed for a medical mission to Haiti.




Insurance Information

Trip interruption, cancellation, delay, emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains, and travel medical insurance is mandatory. We strongly recommend you purchase travel medical insurance through our trusted partner, Global Rescue.  This insurance provides medical advisory, evacuation, field rescue and intelligence services for $119. Keep the 24-hour emergency number provided on the attached policy with you during your trip especially in case you are separated from our group.




Travel Waiver Form

At least two weeks before your departure, read the current Department of State Travel Warning" concerning Haiti located at:


Then, add the date of the travel warning in the appropriate space with the appropriate dates of your travel to Haiti, electronically sign and e-mail the Travel Waiver to our volunteers at


MSM Travel Waiver.pdf


Also, be knowledgeable about the content of the CDC Travel Information page on Haiti located





Training and Education Information

The morning after you arrive in Verrettes there will be about a ½ day orientation program provided by our host Mr Vilna Josaphat at the Centre de formation Leveque, which is the name of the villa which is our headquarters. We will discuss some common Creole terms, greetings, and basic medical phrases. And you will have a chance to meet your interpreters who will really take care of the language issue for you.



Before you go, you may be interested in looking at some of this material found by our member Rachel Snedecor


1) Here is what appears to be the most popular free Creole software. Plus, there are versions for WIN/MAC/iPhone: (just choose the Haitian Creole option)


2) The much quicker form. Here is a website that teaches you several medical phrases from recordings.


3) For the bedside reader who has plenty of time to burn, a lengthy medical phrase dictionary:


Google provides a number of tools that translate into Haitian Creole. Just Google: “Google translations



We are working diligently to provide a useful section on educational materials that will help prepare you for the medical aspects of your trip. Check back here or watch our blog for information concerning this topic.

Travel Information